Life Fitness X3 Elliptical Cross-Trainer Review

This Life Fitness X3 Elliptical Cross-Trainer is built with the exact same technology and precision Life Fitness is known for, including WhisperStride ™ Technology, a self-aligning ball bearing method to create a quiet, fluid motion, along with the patented Link6™ elliptical drive system, constructed to create an ergonomically sound pathway for easy movement and a natural sense.

Past the durable, commercial grade steel frame and innovative layout, this trainer is also equipped with comfort and ease in mind using a well-placed cup holder right in an arm’s reach, and easy access keys built right into the hand grips. Everything you need while working out, from the iPod to your own water bottle, is correct in reach. This coach includes a 7 inch step-on height, a fixed stride length of 20 inches, 16 levels of resistance, and a 350 pound weight limit.

Life Fitness X3 Elliptical Cross-Trainer Review

Life Fitness X3 Customer ReviewWe purchased our machine a few years back. It is easy to use, easy on the knees and hips and probably one of the best pieces of exercise equipment we have ever bought over the past 25 years we have been in our home. We still use it for exercise on a regular basis and not to hang our clothes on as with previous pieces of exercise equipment. We would highly recommend it for anyone looking to get off the couch and get some exercise without the expense and hassle of going to gym.

Life Fitness offers two games options with all the X3: the Track + Console, which is now on sale for $2399 (formerly $3099), along with the Go Console, which currently retails for $1999 (formerly $2699). The Track + console features a blue back lit LCD display screen with Life Fitness LF connect accessibility, which makes it easy to set and track individual exercise objectives. With this console, you can connect your preferred mobile device for real time monitoring. Additionally, the Track + alternative comes with 14 built-in pre-set workout programs, 12 customizable applications and 4 user profiles. The Go Console lacks the ability to connect your favourite devices, but it does supply an attractive blue LCD display screen, 12 preset workout apps, 2 customizable programs and 2 user profiles. With both consoles, users can enjoy CoachZone, which includes GluteToner™ and ArmToner ™ Workouts Enhancements, to specifically and easily target specific muscle groups.

Under extremely large standards and their residence gear is subject to the same criteria as the commercial equipment. This means is that you get what you pay for with the high quality and durability of a gym level machine. The Life Fitness X3 Elliptical Cross Trainer provides a commercial excellent training experience with all the advanced monitoring features and quiet, natural stride movement Life Fitness is famous for.

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